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Bride & Groom

Charlotte on Tom

About two weeks after Tom first swept me off my feet my family came to visit me at Uni in Nottingham. Over the dishes I told my Mum I had a new boyfriend; she, of course, wanted to know what he was like. I distinctly remember telling her that he was all the good bits from previous boyfriends all rolled into one.

Over six years later, it's still true and we are married.

Tom has brought so much to my life that remembering it without him is hard. Tom has passed on his appreciation of foreign films, a much wider range of music than I had previously enjoyed and due to his delight in good food I have discovered a previously latent joy of all things food related. Despite always being a voracious reader, Tom introduced me to a much wider sphere of authors and writing styles. My life is much richer with Tom in it.

More important to me than all of this is just how much I enjoy being in Tom's company.


Tom on Charlotte

Charlotte is nice.

That is why I married her.

Charlotte's pretty face

She thinks I should write more.

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