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Sunday 18 May 2003 - Monday 2 June 2003

We had a fantastic honeymoon in Tuscany – thanks to everyone who contributed. With all the donations we received, the whole honeymoon was paid for, and we had enough money left over to eat out every day and hire a car with (much needed) air-conditioning. We spent many happy hours on the beach and the promenade in Viareggio near our villa. We took day trips to Lucca, a medieval walled city where we hired a bicycle made for two. We visited Pisa, where we climbed the Leaning Tower despite Tom’s vertigo. We also took a train to Florence, where we managed to avoid the Robin Hood theme pub.

As expected, we returned with souvenirs, far too many photographs and lots of pleasant memories. As if that were not enough, we also kept a journal, excerpts from which were going to appear online eventually; but we changed our minds and Charlotte decided to publish her whole diary, accompanied by some of our, ahem, nearly six hundred honeymoon photographs. Enjoy...

Charlotte's Honeymoon Diary

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