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We may get around to selecting a few photographs we like. We may get around to introducing some kind of search facility. For the minute we will just abandon you with a heap of photo's to wade through. All photographs are sorted into pages of thumbnails according to who took them, or at least whose camera is used. Thus far we have a complete set of photographs from: Andrew & Sarah Caven-Atack, Alan & Val Davies, Andy Fedrick & Victoria Ash, Terrence & Elizabeth Moxham, Charles & Mary Stallard, Diana Taylor, Mark & Sarah Vernon and one, two, three, four, five, six, seven disposable cameras. Not all of these photographs are online yet but we are working on it.

We also have some or possibly all photographs from: Sarah & Kingsley Ash, Paul & Gill Van-Der-Veen and Mark & Sarah Vernon. If you took photographs at our wedding, please ensure we have a copy. And so to the photo's themselves...

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