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taken by Smile camera six

1. Emily Atack, Kingsley Ash, Mary Stallard, Victoria Ash, Pauline Hill, Tony Hill, Charlotte & Tamara Bridge2. Chas Stallard, Andrew Caven-Atack, Chippie Snell, Andy Fedrick, Tom, Janet Taylor, Charlotte, Sarah Caven-Atack, Laura Rolston, Mathew Davies, Robin Caven-Atack, Victoria Ash & Gill Van-Der-Veen3. Andy Fedrick, Andrew Caven-Atack, Tom, Chippie Snell, Jamie Caven-Atack, Mary Stallard, Charlotte, Janet Taylor, Linda Snell, Sarah Ash, Laura Rolston, Mathew Davies & Victoria Ash4. Chas Stallard, Tom, Charlotte, Jamie Atack & Victoria Ash5. some people in Sutton Bonnington gardens
6. Charlotte in the shade7. Charlotte8. Charlotte9. Linda Snell in a hat10. Charlotte puts her feet up
11. Charlotte dancing with a man who is not her husband12. Charlotte dancing with a man who is not her husband13. Charlotte dancing with a man who is not her husband14. Chas Stallard, Tom & Mary Stallard15. Chas Stallard (and Tom)
16. blank17. Ceri Rees & Lynne Edmonson18. Ray & Pat Hutchins19. Chas Stallard, Tom, Tony Hill & Mary Stallard20. Paul & Gill Van-Der-Veen
21. Anne Fedrick, Andy Fedrick & Victoria Ash22. Elaine Mitchell & Ray & Pat Hutchins23. photo takers

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