Image Use

Provide a useful alternative description of every image

How should I use images?

  • Supplement text with images to facilitate comprehension.
  • Where images are used, each image must be described in words.

What is alt text?

Every image tag must contain a source tag (scr) and an alternative text tag (alt).

  • The source tag gives the location of the image file.
  • The alternative text tag describes the image using words.

The image tag may also contain other tags, such as width, height or border. An example of an image tag:

alt="Rushcliffe Borough Council: Beacon Authority 2006-2007 Waste and Recycling."

Always add a textual description of any image you add to the website using the alt tag.

How should I describe decorative images?

You will probably not add decorative images to the website. Each decorative image must have an empty alt tag. For example:


What about the purpose?

If the image serves some purpose, describe the purpose not the picture. For example:

  • Alt text for a picture of the green Rushcliffe 'R' might read "Rushcliffe Borough Council logo".
  • It should not simply say "R" or "Rushcliffe".
  • If the Rushcliffe 'R' were hyperlinked, alt text might say "Return to the Rushcliffe Borough Council home page."