Create and edit e-forms using Adobe LiveCycle

What will I need?

  • Forms are created using online software called Adobe LiveCycle.





Provide context and orientation information:

  • Associate labels explicitly with their controls.

Use interim solutions:

  • For all form controls with implicitly associated labels, ensure the label is properly positioned.
  • Include default, place-holding characters in edit boxes and text areas.

Design for device-independence:

  • Create a logical tab order through links, form controls, and objects.
  • Provide keyboard shortcuts to important links.



  1. On forms, use fields of the appropriate type for each action, routing or setting (p50-2).
  2. On forms, group the fields that are parts of a concept and label them using 'fieldset' and 'legend' tags (p63-4).
  3. On forms, add 'label' tags to all fields (p64).
  4. On forms, use 'textareas' only where essential (p65).
  5. Communicate time constraints clearly, and allow citizens to request additional time to complete their tasks (p65).


  1. Where a citizen's personal information is collected, incorporate a statement to inform the citizen how their data will be used (p106).
  2. Where forms are used to collect a citizen's personal information say which body is collecting the information (p109).
  3. Inform citizens if their personal information could be disclosed to third parties (p110).
  4. When collecting personal information from children, ensure that information about parents and others is not requested (p111).
  5. Allow citizens to complete any transaction without supplying marketing or promotion related information (p113).

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