TomAtack's Accessibility and Usability Guide

An accessibility and usability guide for local British government organisations, authored by TomAtack



  1. Introduction - Introduction to this guide.
  2. Valid HTML - Introduction to accessibility and usability issues.
  3. Accessibility guidelines - Making content accessible to all.
  4. Usability guidelines - Making content useful, usable and used.


  1. Adobe Acrobat - Creating accessible and usable portable document format (PDF) documents.
  2. Adobe Photoshop - Creating Graphic Interchange Format (GIF) or Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) images.
  3. Adobe LiveCycle - Creating accessible and usable forms.
  4. Adobe Dreamweaver - Adding accessible and usable content to the website.


  1. Metadata - How to describe content correctly and thoroughly.
  2. Keywords - How to use keywords.
  3. Style - The impact of style on accessibility and usability.
  4. Text - How to write for the website (including foreign language terms).
  5. Links - How to add hyperlinks and attachments to the website.
  6. Images - How to add images to the website.

Further guidance

  1. Evaluation - Hyperlinks to online evaluation tools.
  2. References - Guidelines in full, user manuals and an image creation tutorial.