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Contents: wedding, pictures, flowers, peace and webstandards.
Websites: Nottingham City Homes, Keyworth Village Plan, Rushcliffe Borough Council, Jon Atack and Kid Menthal.
Links: Grace, and ScreenSelect.

Most of my time is now spent with my daughters Grace and Hannah Maria.

I made a website for Nottingham City Homes, which I still play about with now and then.
(Updated: 6 July 2009.)

Now I am living in Keyworth, I have been busy contributing to the Keyworth Village Plan.
I also found time to put some thoughts on writing accessible and usable websites online.
(Updated: 16 May 2008.)

Since singing up with ScreenSelect I have been way too busy watching DVDs to update this web site.
(Updated: 11 December 2005.)

For the last few years I have mostly been playing with the local Rushcliffe Council web site.
(Updated: 4 June 2005.)

I am still playing with my uncle's web site:
I really need to start playing with my dad's kidmenthal web site.
(Updated: 15 January 2005.)

I got married over two years ago but I still feel like a newlywed.
(Updated: 21 October 2004.)

I finally stopped larking about with this kind of nonsense.
(Updated: 20 June 2003.)

I had a Christmas and New Year that were both just about perfect.
Thanks to everyone who helped make it so enjoyable.
(Updated: 3 April 2003.)

When will people learn that fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity?
(Updated: 23 April 2003.)

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